About Us

Jerry Schrader SEO AgencyPlumbers Agency was founded by Jerry Schrader, a former licensed plumber in Dallas Texas, who found great success in managing accounts, marketing, and working with customers one on one, to the point that he became sales manager at a large plumbing company. When internet marketing took over, and left the old standard yellow pages behind, Jerry decided to take his skills to the next level with internet marketing for plumbing companies. To build his skill set, he went to work for SEO agencies in Dallas, working with various clients such as attorneys, restaurants, e-commerce and of course, plumbing companies. He learned how to bring them to top ranking in Google, and Bing, through the tedious methods of SEO.
After a few years of this, he started Plumbers Agency, which works exclusively with Plumbing Companies. The methods that he uses not only helps plumbing companies to rank, but also helps on page conversion, with consideration to User Experience, page testing, and responsiveness of websites he builds and designs.
We now have a team of talented individuals, that build custom content, monitor ranking signals, backlinks, page speed, and much more. Our designers and developers work together to bring a perfect experience for your visitors, to get more plumbing calls for you.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Most SEO companies do not focus on a primary company type, they sell their services to whoever will pay. We focus specifically on plumbing company SEO, as we know the field intimately. We use that knowledge to give our clients the best chance at gaining a larger volume of calls from their website.
We only accept 1 client per location, so there is no conflict of interest with other plumbing companies in your area. When you sign up with Plumbers Agency, you can rest assured, you are the only plumbing company in your area getting our results driven service.